Steve’s love for the music of George Michael started because of his first girlfriend in 1985…she played him ‘Everything She Wants’ and that was it really, he got hold of ‘Fantastic’ the album and played it for days and days…. singing to the sounds of George Michael… From then on it’s been nothing but his music.

Steve’s career as a vocalist has covered many years, working with bands on tour in Louisiana, USA… To Many cover bands including South East England’s great party band Funkle Pie.

Steve has also written and arranged his own album “Sanity” during his time in the USA.

Steve also performs for the amazing touring Theatre show "The George Michael Story"

Steve says “George is a legend and a genius, and I’m very proud to be honouring him in all his music”


When I open my mouth and sing, the truth comes out. I still believe that music is one of the greatest gifts that God gave to man.”

— George Michael

Latest News

Apart from performing his own tribute to George Michael with George Michael Live and The George Michael/Wham tribute, Steve is now also performing across the United Kingdom in the Theatre production of The George Michael Story.




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